Menopause and Melasma: Dark Spots on Your Skin

It used to be called the “mask of pregnancy” because it happens so often to women in that condition. But melasma – those darker patches on your skin – isn’t limited to pregnant women. These changes in pigmentation usually occur on the face, and while they aren’t dangerous, they can impact our self-confidence. As it […]

Better Skin After 50

Get Glowing Skin Now Your wisdom and confidence may grow as you get older, but the same isn’t true for many of your hormone levels. During menopause, lower levels of estrogen have a big impact on your skin. Less estrogen makes you prone to thinning, sagging, and wrinkling. Fortunately, you can relieve some of the […]

Menopausal? Here’s Exactly How To Approach Your Skincare Regime

Shrouded in obscurity – and often shame – thanks to the lack of discourse surrounding it, the menopause is a stage of life that many women fear. Prompted by changes to the levels of sex hormones (like oestrogen and progesterone) in the body, the menopause is accompanied by a raft of bodily changes – including […]

Is Your Skin Purging?

Purging is a good sign that your skincare is effective and doing the right thing. What Is Skin Purging? According to board-certified dermatologist Dr Sapna Palep, skin purging refers to your skin’s reaction to a specific active ingredient that triggers cell turnover, causing your skin to exfoliate and bring congestion to the surface.  The good […]

Coping with dry skin during menopause

Coping with dry skin during menopause During menopause, many women find that their skin becomes dry and flaky. Changing levels of hormones slow down the skin’s production of collagen and natural oils, and make it harder for skin to retain moisture. As a result, skin feels thinner and more prone to dryness, sensitivity and fine […]