Menopause and Melasma: Dark Spots on Your Skin

It used to be called the “mask of pregnancy” because it happens so often to women in that condition. But melasma – those darker patches on your skin – isn’t limited to pregnant women. These changes in pigmentation usually occur on the face, and while they aren’t dangerous, they can impact our self-confidence. As it […]

Menopause Awareness Month Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Tania van Zyl who WINS a product combo in honour of Menopause Awareness Month! We’re so happy for you Tania! Please send us your contact details (either in a Facebook message or in email) so we can arrange delivery of your prize? IF YOU DIDN’T WIN, DON’T WORRY! WE HAVE A GIFT FOR […]

Is Menopause Worse for Black Women?

Stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and other health conditions are more common among Black women than white women. Unfortunately, when it comes time for menopause, you’re also likely to have more intense symptoms than your white peers. Genetic and environmental factors likely play a role, experts say. But you don’t have to let menopause […]

Menopause and Dry Skin: The Hormone Connection

Dealing with dry, itchy skin at menopause? Find out why — and get simple tips for smoother skin. Every woman in menopause knows about the infamous hot flashes. Most are familiar with the night sweats. But dry skin at menopause, too? How did that happen? The answer is simple: Hormones, specifically estrogen. It turns out […]

You need to change your post-menopausal skincare routine: Find out why

Start incorporating these changes so you can delay the onset of aging. While menopause is the most natural process a woman goes through, no one prepares her for it. But just like any other change, it brings about significant transitions. Dr Mikki Singh, a dermatologist, cosmetologist, trichologist and head of Centre of Excellence, Bodycraft Clinic […]