Pro-Aging is the New Anti-Aging

Pro-Aging is the New Anti-Aging

Why Pro-Aging is the New Anti-Aging, According to Skin Experts

A positive approach to preventative skin care

Pro-aging – what is it? Why has anti-aging become somewhat undesirable? We guess it’s all about what we obsess over and how we see ourselves as we grow older.  Changing our attitudes and perceptions on aging is important because, quite frankly, aging is inevitable. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with taking care of our bodies and wanting to look younger, but the concept of anti-aging can be pretty stressful—not to mention impossible (you can’t age backwards!).

Focusing on supporting the skin’s natural ways of progression

According to dermatologists, the best skin care is one of preventative action, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and listening to the changing needs of your skin. Truth be told, the concept of anti-aging makes aging seem like you’re doing something wrong. That doesn’t mean we should abolish retinol and other anti-aging ingredients altogether — it is a conscious concern after all. Instead, estheticians, dermatologists, and many skin care specialists are now calling to consider a “pro-aging” approach, focusing on supporting the skin’s natural ways of progression.

Pro-aging – what does it mean?

It is a concept rooted in a much more positive approach to the aging process. Truthfully, we cannot stop aging! It is a normal and healthy part of life. Viewing the aging process in a realistic and positive way and working with the body’s natural defences is a much more modern concept. As the approach gains momentum, we look to less invasive skin care that supports the organic aging of the skin, working with the body, instead of against it. This, in turn, will create a healthier appearance.

Pro-Aging versus Anti-Aging

So, what’s the difference between pro-aging and anti-aging, exactly? Not only do both words have different meanings to different people, it could also mean a different approach to skin care formulation. Generally speaking, anti-aging is a skin-stimulating, intrusive approach to try and stop and/or revert the natural progression of aging skin. This approach usually penetrates the skin on a deeper level towards the dermal/epidermal junction.

As a result, anti-aging is a bit of a deterring concept, sometimes turning away the younger crowd, which might benefit from its actives. Meanwhile, pro-aging means balance and working with your body, using moisture, antioxidants, and cell turnover to keep skin looking its best. Think of it like a skin care booster shot or support system.

“Pro-aging is about making small adjustments, restructuring habits as we age, and slow and steady increments that add up over the long term,” says Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, board-certified dermatologist in New York City. “Your basic and essential pro-aging regimen is very easy: clean, protect, and hydrate.”

This also extends to lifestyle. Our health is reflected on our skin, which means adequate sleep, hydration, and healthy eating are equally important.

At Meno-Glow, We Adopt an Empowerment Platform

As far as aging goes, the aging process is a biological one, not a cosmetic term. While we do embrace the concept of pro-aging through our skin care range, Meno-Glow; we also adopt an empowerment platform. Our mission is to assist women going through their perimenopausal and menopausal years. We encourage women to feel self-confident and take time to pamper themselves regardless of the inevitable aging process. It’s about feeling confident with yourself no matter your age, and yet having the freedom to define your own skin care routine.

It’s a Conscious Choice

Ultimately, pro-aging is about the freedom to make that choice and to opt for whatever skin care maintenance methods feel right for you, and not be a prisoner to societal standards. It’s a conscious choice to do whatever you feel is necessary for your routine, and most importantly, what your skin desires and requires.

Embrace and Care for Your Skin

Pro-aging encourages us to:

  • Find a way to both embrace and care for our skin.
  • Fully stand in our own truths
  • Embrace ourselves and others
  • Acknowledge our life experiences
  • Share our pearls of wisdom gained through living
  • Celebrate our successes and failures
  • Own up to our age and accept our own individual beauty.

Thank you for reading our article.  Don’t yearn for the years gone by; rather bloom where you are today. “One day you will look back and see that all along you were blooming.” – Morgan Harper Nichols

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Liri Victor, Meno-Glow Somatologist


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