About Meno-Glow

The MENO-GLOW Skincare range is not only focused on the cosmetic or aesthetic. What makes MENO-GLOW genuinely unique is how the formulation truly respects the skin. 

MENO-GLOW Skincare products’ pH level keeps the skin’s acid mantle intact (which usually takes six to eight hours to regenerate). Stripping the skin of its acid mantle often leads to skin issues.

In contrast, the active ingredients in MENO-GLOW Skincare products gently penetrate the skin’s sebum to soothingly cleanse and regenerate.



Dr Marna Kuhn, an ⁠⁠⁠anaesthetist, was the inspiration for the development of the MENO-GLOW Skincare range. Marna, a breast cancer survivor, was actively involved in the development process of the MENO-GLOW Skincare range during and after her cancer treatment. Breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often experience the same kind of skin concerns as women in their menopause years 



Dr Nel is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. His passion for skincare has been clear from his student days. The research topic he chose focused on refining scar formation and boosting the skin’s healing process. He worked with a senior histopathologist, and after many years of practising, he set out to design a world-class sophisticated skincare range. The inspiration for developing the MENO-GLOW Skincare range was sparked by Dr Nel’s anaesthetist, Dr Marna Kuhn, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Story Behind Meno-Glow

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