Retinol: Get the Glow!


Derived from Vitamin A (an essential nutrient that supports skin, eye, and reproductive health, and immune function), Meno-Glow Retinol Serum should be added as the Gold Standard in your skin care routine.

Why? Because it promotes collagen production and helps to create a stronger foundation for your skin.

The science of our product explained

Our Retinol Serum contains Liposomal 100% Pure Retinol and Pentapeptide KTTKS.

Pentapeptide KTTKS has direct effect on fibroblast (the most common type of cell found in connective tissue that secretes collagen proteins that are used to maintain a structural framework for many tissues; and also play an important role in healing wounds) function and increases collagen and supports proteins in the skin.

Liposomal 100% Pure Retinol is an effective anti-oxidant that is easily oxidized by air and free radicals. It is enveloped by a microscopic fatty bubble, called a liposome, which protects the retinol from oxidation. Once in the skin, it easily gets transported into the cell.

Working together, they accelerate cell turnover, help with the management of acne, reverse sun damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, have anti-ageing benefits, deal with pigmentation, and improve skin texture and pore size.

10 Meno-Glow Retinol Serum benefits summarised

  1. Improves skin health
  2. Reduces sun damage
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. Anti-oxidant
  5. Evens pigmentation
  6. Promotes exfoliation
  7. Decreased wrinkle depth
  8. Decreases skin roughness
  9. Improved skin thickness
  10. Increase in skin elastin fiber thickness and density

Clearing a few common myths about Retinol

If you don’t know how to use Retinol and go all in, your skin will not be happy with you. You will experience redness, burning, peeling and even inflammation. Which is why a lot of people are cautious of using Retinol. Let’s clear up a few of the common myths about Retinol:

  • All retinols are the same. Unfortunately, this is not true. Not all quoted retinols are the same. Most quoted retinols are not pure retinol, but a form of retinol that may be less effective.
  • Retinols will make me more sensitive to the sun. It does not cause sun sensitivity. However, if you introduce retinol too quickly to your skin, you could experience retinol irritation. This can cause redness and peeling, which can resemble sunburn (hence the myth).

This article debunks more Retinol Myths. Read it here.

How to use Meno-Glow Retinol Serum

The secret to Retinol usage is to start gradually, a few times a week, and build up the usage. Use it consistently by picking out a few days of the week and stick to them. And then, when you skin tolerates it well, work your way up until you are using it every day. The key is consistency over intensity.

Complete the foundation regime with our wash and moisturiser.

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