Fight back against menopausal skin changes

Fight back against menopausal skin changes

Fight back against menopausal skin changes

Menopause brings a lot unwanted changes. We share tips & useful products to help you fight back against menopausal skin changes.

The effects of sun exposure

We all know that the sun can cause skin damage. During menopause, the sun can cause even more unwanted damage. With some women experiencing a condition called melasma. This condition causes pigmentation on the face, specifically on the cheeks, upper lip and forehead. The main cause of this happening is due to a combination of hormonal changes and sun exposure.

Product Tips

Meno-Glow Sun Care offers SPF30 skin protection from sun exposure and damage. It works well with make-up and provides anti-aging benefits.

Meno-Glow Retinol Serum penetrates into the cells and stimulates cell turnover. When skin cell turnover is maximised, the cells are able to function at their optimal capacity. This is when they repair DNA damage caused by the sun and environmental stressors.

A powerful weapon

The most important anti-aging cream or antioxidant you can possibly use on a daily basis is a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Wake up every morning and apply a sunscreen to your face. This will prevent many of the changes that we experience with photo-aging. Don’t skip, no matter what the weather,

Product Tips

Add Meno-Glow Sun Care SPF30 to your daily skin care routine. We also recommend that you keep a spare in your handbag for sun exposure emergencies…

Retinoids and moisturiser

As we grow older, our skin gets thinner and tends to dry out. This is why we need to repair our epidermis. Retinoids, derivatives of vitamin A, definitely slow down photo-aging. They also repair the epidermis by stimulating new collagen growth. It’s no wonder it’s called the gold standard in skin care. Read our article for a quick introduction on our must have Meno-Glow Retinol Serum.

Product Tips

Meno-Glow Moisturiser rests on 3 pillars.

  • The first pillar prevents trans-dermal moisture loss. Superior active ingredients work in synergy: one element ensures quick moisture penetration while the other stimulates the skin’s own built-in barrier functions. This way, lipids are formed in the skin’s upper layers to prevent trans-epidermal water loss.
  • The second pillar addresses sensitivity. It also curbs the inflammatory process through carefully selected active ingredients. These active ingredients, in combination, have anti-oxidant effects and deactivates the pro-inflammatory processes.
  • The third pillar is specifically anti-ageing and addresses estrogen depletion. The Meno-Glow Moisturiser contains phyto-estrogen or plant based estrogen. Phyto-estrogen mimics your body’s own estrogen and has been carefully selected to support skin health.

Morning vs. night

Your morning and evening routine should differ slightly. We recommend using Retinol Serum, very sparingly, in the evening and using Sun Care in the morning (and reapplying throughout the day). Always apply moisturiser morning and evening for hydration.

Battling acne

Some woman struggle with acne break outs during menopause. This is usually seen on the lower section of the face, as opposed to the teenage T-zone. There are prescription cleansers and medications for adult hormonal acne; however we recommend Meno-Glow Wash to help clear and revitalise the skin.

Product Tips

Meno-Glow Face Wash is formulated with a neutral pH level. It works with the enzymes in the skin’s upper layer. With carefully selected ingredients to revitalise your skin, it won’t harm the skin’s protective layer. You can feel confident that Meno-Glow will gently exfoliate and deep-clean without drying or damaging the skin. (It is not only suitable not only as a face wash, cleanser and make-up remover. It also acts as a gentle and effective all-over wash for the entire body, scalp and hair.)

Unwanted hair

There are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair. From plucking it yourself, or seeing your local esthetician for a wax, or maybe you’re looking for a more permanent solution with laser hair reduction.  Finding the best solution for you, your skin and your wallet is essential. Do your research, in some cases it “could hurt to try” but it’ll be worth it.


Entering into your menopausal years is like discovering a whole other you. Just when it felt like you were all grown up and in control of your life, it feels like nothing is in your control anymore. And, oh boy, don’t talk about the monster being unleashed inside – it’s like a complete stranger living inside you. It’s quite a journey to navigate on your own. So knowing that some products, like Meno-Glow, where made just for us Menopausal women, is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Talk to your healthcare provider about any menopausal changes affecting your skin. Or contact us;, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for taking the time to read our article. Until next time, please take care of yourself – you deserve it!

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A COMPLETE SKIN REJUVENATION FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – Your answer to menopausal skincare concerns:

  • Dry Skin
  • Decreased elasticity
  • Fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes
  • Thinning of the hair
  • Facial flushing

Medically designed and scientifically formulated by a specialist plastic surgeon, Meno-Glow Skin Care addresses skin concerns related to menopause.

Our Meno-Glow Skin Care Range offers a simple skin care regime that facilitates skin rejuvenation and symptomatic relief of the issues caused by estrogen depletion.

Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, the skin’s barrier function recovers, and sensitivity is significantly reduced.

What makes Meno-Glow Skin Care genuinely unique is how the formulation truly respects the skin.

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